250cc World Championship Final

It was a tough night for Queenslanders, Jedd List and Keynan Rew at the FIM 250cc Speedway World Championship at Prague’s Marketa Stadium in the Czech Republic.

With a few tough calls not going his way, and an engine failure on the line at the start of his semi final, current Aussie champion and defending world number three, Jedd List did well to score 10 points, finishing fifth overall.

Meanwhile, fellow Queenslander, Keynan Rew recovered well after a slow start, finishing in eighth on eight points.

2017 FIM 250cc World Championship, Semi-final 2 – Hellstrom, R…

2017 FIM 250cc World Championship, Semi-final 2 – Hellstrom, Rew, List, Zupinski.

Posted by Hope Photographic on Friday, September 1, 2017

FIM Speedway Youth World Championship 250cc Final – Prague 31/08/2017 – Results
1 KNUDSEN Jonas DMU Denmark 15
2 ZUPINSKI Karol PZM Poland 14
4 ERNST Ben DMSB Germany 11
5 LIST Jedd MA Australia 10
6 LAMPART Wiktor PZM Poland 10
7 KAIBUSHEV Alexander MFR Russia 8
8 REW Keynan MA Australia 8
9 LIEBMAN Celina DMSB Germany 7
10 DALUM Mads DMU Denmark 6
11 LAPPI Viljami SML Finland 4
12 LORENTSEN Henrik DMU Denmark 3
13 HICKS Colton Team Hancock Racing AMA USA 3
14 Flint Leon ACU Great Britain 3
15 CHLUPAC Petr ACCR Czech Republic 3
16 BLAKKILT Sebastian DMU Denmark 3
17 PALMESE Sebastian Team Hancock Racing AMA USA DNR
18 SILHAN Daniel ACCR Czech Republic DNR

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