5 thoughts on “Poll: State & National Championship Format

  1. Re: One night format for Australian Title may draw more competitors (affordability wise) but having it 3-4 rds makes for a more challenging Championship.

  2. I remember when being Australian champ used to mean something to the top riders.
    Now we have wnkers like the holders. Its pathetic the excuses they and others use. “I don’t have much equipment here” are you that worried you will get beaten by a b grader?
    If you won’t ride in the aussies you shouldnt be in the aussie world cup team.
    Give something back to the aussie tracks and fans that gave you the opportunity to become world class.

  3. Bring back the one day final. Nothing matches the excitement drama and pressure. It might even encourage the big boys to ride it again.

  4. One day final, I think a body of State and National selectors should choose the competitors because injury or mechanical problems could put out some very good and competitive riders out if they happen to have one off night. The selection process should be weighted with results in that years meetings and competitions.

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