Queenslanders Dominate

Dave Watt leads Jake Allen during their Rd 5 showdown

Even with an influx of interstate riders, it was three Queenslanders: Dave Watt, Jake Allen and Zaine Kennedy who took top honours at the 2016 Queensland Speedway titles at Mick Doohan Raceway.

Throughout the qualifiers and the main, one thing became pretty obvious; we were headed for a Watt Vs. Allen showdown in the final. But before that, the undefeated Watt and Allen came together in the last race of round 5, and it did not disappoint!

The Brisbane faithful were treated to one of the best races seen around the Nudgee circuit. While Watt skipped out to an early lead, Allen had to fight back from third place to duke it out. After several lead changes, Allen ripped it under Watt coming in to the final pit turn, as Watt switched to the high-line and lifted, Allen picked up enough drive down low to take it on the line.

Dave Watt lifts as Jake Allen cuts under for the Rd 5 win

Josh Pickering was the best of the New South Welshmen, as Queensland continues to be a happy hunting ground for the rising star. Pickering, who beat Jason Crump in the MEM final at Rockhampton in July, looked like the only possible spoiler to the Watt-Allen show.  Zaine Kennedy overcame a slow start to sneak into the B final and pulled out a brilliant ride beating defending champion, Mason Campton to progress to the A.

The A final was somewhat of an anticlimax, though. Despite being beaten by Allen in both the qualifier and main heats, it was Watt who pulled clear and was never headed. Pickering pulled to the infield, leaving Allen and Kennedy in a good scrap for second and third, with Allen getting the upper hand.

A Final: Dave Watt, Jake Allen, Zaine Kennedy, Josh Pickering

B Final:  Zaine Kennedy, Mason Campton, Ty Proctor, Joel Coyne.

Heats:  Jake Allen 15, Dave Watt 14, Josh Pickering 12, Mason Campton 12, Ty Proctor 11, Joel Coyne 9, Zaine Kennedy 8, Jye Etheridge 6, Josh Coyne 6, Kieran Sproule 5, Dale Borlase 5, Alan Macdonald 5, Brody Eves 4, Kye Thomson 4,  Josh Macdonald 2,  RES Zane Keleher 1, Tyson Snow  0, RES Bailey Jung 0.

Dave Watt
Jake Allen
Zaine Kennedy
Josh Pickering


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